The Manila Hotel's Mystery Egg Aims to Bring on Joy

With Greater Manila placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine once again, 2021 marks the second year that we would not be able to welcome Easter with fun and games for kids such as the most awaited Easter egg hunt. While staying home is the safest and most responsible thing we can do right now, parents can still bring joy into their homes with a simple activity they can do with their kids.

Easter Joy! Mystery Egg

The Manila Hotel Easter eggs

The Manila Hotel put their own take to the popular Mystery Boxes sold online with their "Easter Joy! Mystery Egg" offer. It's a giant egg hand-made from Belgian chocolates that both kids and adults alike can enjoy cracking open to discover what’s inside. The Mystery Egg is also the highlight of The Manila Hotel’s “Easter Joy! Raffle” that will be held on April 5, 2021 at 2pm via Facebook Live.

mystery easter egg

Every purchase of the Mystery Egg for only P2,500 nett from now to April 4, 2021 gives guests a stub for the raffle. The Manila Hotel's major prize is a Chromebook laptop, perfect gadget for the kids' online classes and workshops while other prizes include one set of The Manila Hotel Gelatos, and The Manila Hotel’s Willy The Bear.

The Manila Hotel also partnered with several groups to help make the Easter celebration a little more special for kids. Mystery Egg buyers also get the chance to win passes to online kiddie workshops from Make Believe Productions, like Superhero Art, Groovebeats Dance Workshop, Imaginart: Drawing and Painting for Kids, and Make Believe N’ Yoga for Kids; Activity Kits for kids from Kits For Kids by RC Lab like My Body Care Lab Kit, 25-in-1 Science Bear Experiment Kit, and Fizzy Easter Activity Kits; and also Introductory Visit to The Little Gym online classes.

The Easter Joy! Mystery Egg is available from now until April 4 (Easter Sunday), 6pm, and may be ordered for pick-up or delivery by calling 85270011 or 0998-9501912. Bulk orders must be done in advance. The Manila Hotel’s Deli is also selling various Easter-related chocolates and goodies that can be ordered for pickup or delivery.

 Watch The Manila Hotel's Mystery Easter Egg

Check out this fun video of GMA Network's First Yaya cast featuring Gabby Concepcion and co-stars as they crack The Manila Hotel's Easter Joy Egg.


Does It Pay to Walk with Sweatcoin?

Note: this is an old post from another blog of mine from 2019. Transferring it here. 

My favorite workout in life is walking. I could walk for long periods of time. Those who know me in real life know this about me. I'd make you walk to get to a place if I could. I once did that even to my boss! LOL! 

Even when I was actively going to the gym, my favorite workout is still walking. And that’s how I discovered Sweatcoin. Just out of curiosity I searched it online one day – apps that pay you to walk – not expecting that there’s actually such a thing now! 

With a little more research online, you know to make sure it’s not some kind of scam or a virus – I downloaded Sweatcoin via Google Play and Apple Store and I’ve been using it for about a month now.

Now I’m doing more than just walking because I’ve actually managed to keep going to the gym but even until now, if you ask me what my favorite workout is, I’d say walking. And that’s how I discovered Sweatcoin. Just out of curiosity I searched it online one day – apps that pay you to walk – not expecting that there’s actually such a thing now! 

With a little more research online, you know to make sure it’s not some kind of scam or a virus – I downloaded Sweatcoin via Google Play. 

What is SweatCoin? 

SweatCoin is an app that will pay you to walk outdoors. It’s basically designed to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to get off the couch and move. For every 1,000 steps you take, the app will convert it and pay you a virtual currency that they call SweatCoin. The virtual currency can be used to redeem products such as gadgets (an iPhone XS or a Samsung TV) or if you’re feeling humanitarian, donation to various charities. If none of those appeal to you, you can also exchange your sweatcoins for USD$1000 cash.   

How Does It Work?

The app tracks your movement through GPS and it also needs to keep running in the background in order for it to be able to log your steps. It’s a free app and everyday you can earn up to 5 sweatcoins for a Mover membership. You can earn more from your steps by upgrading your membership which is also free. Okay not free but you won’t have to pay cash. You pay your monthly subscription via sweatcoins as well. 

Different Types of SweatCoin Monthly Subscription

Price: free
How much you can earn: Up to 5.00 sweatcoins (SWC) per day or up to 150.00 per month

Price: 4.75 SWC/month 
How much you can earn in a day: Up to 10.00 SWC per day or up to 300.00 SWC per month

Price: 20.00 SWC/month
How much you can earn in a day: 15.00 SWC per day or up to 450.00 SWC per month

Price: 30.00 SWC/month
How much you can earn in a day: 20.00 SWC per day or up to 600.00 SWC per month

The app also allows you to earn sweatcoins with its daily bonus which entails watching an ad or by inviting friends to also sign up. 

Daily you can track the number of steps you’ve taken and how much you’ve earned from it. Here’s a sample of my activity for the day.

It also emails you a weekly payslip to further keep track of your progress. The app tells you whether you’ve been more or less active that week. Here’s a sample of my weekly payslip.

Does it really pay?

Sweatcoins says it will soon be an acceptable form of payment. Intriguing. But I am doubtful of that. I’ve read a lot of articles that says it does. I tried to avail of wireless earphones from the app once though using my sweatcoins. I was redirected to for it. That’s where I realized it’s not completely free redemption. I still needed to pay for the product but at about half the price of what it’s actually worth plus shipping. It wasn’t a successful redemption since it also turns out that the company that carries the earphones doesn’t ship to the Philippines. 

If you’re looking for quick ways to earn money, this is not it. With a Mover membership that earns only 5.00 SWC a day, I know it’ll take me about a year or two at least to reach the 20,000 SWC required to redeem cash. I could upgrade to a Shaker membership but I don’t want to pay even if it’s just with sweatcoins since that’s still a loss income if ever. Plus I did give Shaker a try (there’s a month’s worth of free trial) when I once already exceeded the daily earning limit of 5.00 SWC. I realized it wasn’t worth keeping because I can only do so much walking on a work day which is five days a week! In fact when it’s a work day, I rarely make enough steps to reach 5.00 SWC. 

Should You Download?

If you're after the money, don't download this. It's only going to frustrate you. But if you want an app to motivate you to work more, then Sweatcoins may be worth the space on your phone. 

If you want to read more about SweatCoins, visit their official site

Updates as of March 2021

Sweatcoins can now track your steps indoors. Plus aside from the daily bonus, you can also get a daily 2x boost. For 20 minutes  everyday, you can double the amount of sweatcoins you earn from your steps.