Boto Ko, Ambag Ko: Vote to Help in Nation Building

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines, the first nationally organized leadership development organization established in Asia, officially launched its #AmbagKo. Rehistro. Boto. initiative. Primarily aimed at millennials and Gen Zs, the campaign aims to encourage eligible voters to register and vote in the upcoming 2022 nationa lelections. 

JCI, through this voters' education campaign initiative seeks to address the low registration and voter turnout from past elections by teaching young Filipinos about the importance of registering and voting.  

With Filipinos 18 to 35 years old numbering 40 million or 37 percent of the entire electorate eligible to vote in 2022 according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and Commission on Elections (COMELEC), millennial and Gen Z Filipinos play a key role in shaping the future of the Philippines. The latest COMELEC data show there are 3.48 million voter registration applications filed between January 2020 and May 15, 2021. Of these, 1.5 million are new registrants, still short of the 4 million target by COMELEC. 

The #AmbagKo. Rehistro. Boto. hopes to boost these numbers and encourage eligible voters, in particular millennial and Gen Z Filipinos, to step out, register and vote through fun and informative content and activities, including an exciting gamification system. Riding on the popularity of the term ambag, the #AmbagKo. Rehistro. Boto. campaign sends the message that registering and voting can be the youth’s ambag or contribution to nation-building and a better future for the Philippines. The campaign is also in line with JCI’s 2021 theme of More For Others, a reminder that we can be more while doing little things to create a lasting impact for our country.

“We believe in the strong potential of the Filipino youth in charting a new path for the country by choosing our next set of leaders. As an organization with young members ourselves, we at JCI want to use our platforms to encourage fellow Filipinos to register and vote. We hope that through this campaign, we can raise awareness and fuel the nationalistic spirit of the Filipinos as the elections draw nearer,” shared JCI National President Jude Acidre.

The campaign will run in two phases – Rehistro, from June 2021 to October 2021, and Boto, from November 2021 to April 2022. It will combine influencer engagement and digital and social media to reach more Filipinos, even onboarding Munimuni, a local indie band known for their makata pop, to write and perform the campaign’s theme song Ambag Ko, which perfectly articulates the campaign’s key objective of encouraging everyone to vote for change.

Is Foodpanda 'Panda Pro' worth subscribing to?


Photo credit: foodpanda 

Foodpanda launched 'Panda Pro' last year. For Php50 a month, you'll get the following monthly benefits: 

  • Unlimited 20% off and up from 6,000+ restaurants 
  • 5x FREE delivery for foodpanda orders (For orders Php400 and up) 
  • Unlimited extra 5% off Pick-up 
  • 10% off on shops 

Due to the pandemic, I've found myself like many staying home most of the time. I hardly ever go out these days. I miss dining out at my favorite restaurants but with COVID-19 being airborne, it's just safer to dine at home. My go-to food delivery app? You guessed it. Foodpanda. And so when they rolled out the Panda Pro monthly subscription, I figured I'd give it a try. After all, it's pretty affordable at Php50 a month.

I've been using Panda Pro for a couple of months now and here's my experience: 

I don't always get to consume the 5x free delivery for my orders since it 'has a minimum amount. Even though I don't just order for myself but for the family, I only get to avail that about once or twice amount but it's hardly an issue. It's already savings to get free delivery when applicable.  

As for pick up, I've availed that too maybe once or twice when I'm craving for a certain food at a certain nearby restaurant so I also don't get to use it as much. But it's also great offer to save on cost. The pick up feature already gives savings since I don't have to pay for delivery. The additional 5% discount is just the cherry on top. 

I haven't tried pandamart, their grocery online store. I've been lucky enough to live in an area where both Mercury Drugstore, 7-eleven plus a local grocery shop are within walking distance for my grocery needs.   

If like me you've also been availing food delivery service more these days and use Foodpanda for such, then I encourage you to subscribe to Foodpanda Panda Pro. You'll get your subscription's worth already with just one free delivery! 

PH’s 1st Stevia grower-manufacturer bullish on financial outlook despite the pandemic

Glorious, popularly known as the country's first Stevia company, is positive on its outlook despite almost 2-years in the pandemic as more and more people turn to healthier alternatives, sales of stevia products continue to grow.

According to agribusiness finance giant Robobank, Stevia's sales are expected to hit $700 million worldwide in the next few years. Consumers in the Philippines can now get their calorie-free sugar needs from natural alternatives. Before, stevia was restricted to the health food market without any FDA approval. Recently, it is now widely used as a natural substitute for artificial sweeteners in many products.

"Stevia has been touted as safe and healthy sugar substitute with proven health benefits. It can sweeten foods, and it has several health benefits, including decreased calorie intake, lower blood sugar levels, and less risk of cavities," said Maura De Leon, the woman behind Glorious, the country's first stevia grower and manufacturer. 

While it has zero calories, stevia is 200 times sweeter than refined sugar and does not affect blood sugar. It is a popular option for people looking to lose weight but who want to reduce their sugar intake. Stevia is an herb that has been grown in tropical climates for centuries. 

It is a small bushy plant that belongs to the sunflower family and grows in Paraguay and Brazil, but it can be quickly grown elsewhere. For centuries, the people of Paraguay add them to their foods as sweeteners, and countries like Korea, Brazil, China, Japan and South America, have long used stevia. Stevia products such as teas, juices, healthy coffees, chocolate beverages and natural sweeteners, manufactured by Glorious, are approved safe by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) even for people who have diabetes. 

"Stevia is much sweeter than sugar, so you don't have to add much. It's good to note that the Philippines is also catching up on the use of this natural sweetener in various food preparations," added De Leon. 

Stevia is a natural sweetener taken from the leaves of a bushy shrub. The Stevia plant or (Stevia rebaudiana) has 150 species known to have originated from North and South America. Currently, it is produced by lots of countries, with China as the number one exporter of stevia products, and can be purchased at garden centers for home growing. 

People who have diabetes can benefit from stevia. Choosing pure stevia extract can help maintain normal blood sugar levels and should be used in moderation. Stevia can also help cut down added sugar consumption, which can be beneficial for children. High sugar intake in children could lead to heart disease due to reconstructing triglyceride and cholesterol levels, contributing to children's weight gain. Substituting added sugar for stevia can minimize the risks. At the same time, moderate consumption of foods with stevia and other sweeteners can prevent adverse side effects and promote overall health. 

What's even better is that you can add Stevia to make healthy desserts which are diabetic and keto friendly. This is great for people who have a sweet tooth but can't indulge because of health restrictions. Incidentally, all Glorious Blend beverages - from the 3-in-1, 5-in-1, 7-in-1 mixes, use Stevia which has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic index. All of their instant drinks will keep you alert and energized throughout the day. 

For more information about Glorious, the Stevia company, check out