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Is Foodpanda 'Panda Pro' worth subscribing to?


Photo credit: foodpanda 

Foodpanda launched 'Panda Pro' last year. For Php50 a month, you'll get the following monthly benefits: 

  • Unlimited 20% off and up from 6,000+ restaurants 
  • 5x FREE delivery for foodpanda orders (For orders Php400 and up) 
  • Unlimited extra 5% off Pick-up 
  • 10% off on shops 

Due to the pandemic, I've found myself like many staying home most of the time. I hardly ever go out these days. I miss dining out at my favorite restaurants but with COVID-19 being airborne, it's just safer to dine at home. My go-to food delivery app? You guessed it. Foodpanda. And so when they rolled out the Panda Pro monthly subscription, I figured I'd give it a try. After all, it's pretty affordable at Php50 a month.

I've been using Panda Pro for a couple of months now and here's my experience: 

I don't always get to consume the 5x free delivery for my orders since it 'has a minimum amount. Even though I don't just order for myself but for the family, I only get to avail that about once or twice amount but it's hardly an issue. It's already savings to get free delivery when applicable.  

As for pick up, I've availed that too maybe once or twice when I'm craving for a certain food at a certain nearby restaurant so I also don't get to use it as much. But it's also great offer to save on cost. The pick up feature already gives savings since I don't have to pay for delivery. The additional 5% discount is just the cherry on top. 

I haven't tried pandamart, their grocery online store. I've been lucky enough to live in an area where both Mercury Drugstore, 7-eleven plus a local grocery shop are within walking distance for my grocery needs.   

If like me you've also been availing food delivery service more these days and use Foodpanda for such, then I encourage you to subscribe to Foodpanda Panda Pro. You'll get your subscription's worth already with just one free delivery!