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Skipping Lines, Paying Bills, Getting Cashback and More with Coins PH

Note: This is an old post from another blog of mine. I'm just transferring it here. 

Part of adulting is paying bills and paying them on or before their due date. Electricity. Cable. Water. Credit Card. Mobile Phone Plans. Internet. As I racked up years working, I also racked up bills to pay and every payday, I would find myself in line at the SM Centers so I could pay those bills on time. It's what I disliked the most about paying bills - the long lines I had to endure because I'm really not the most patient person.

That part of my life's in the past though after embracing the power of technology and going digital. I started with enrolling in online banking after my cousin talked me into it. Just input a few details with the amount and voila! Bill paid! Amazing! Ever since then, that's how I paid for my bills. No more lines.

Recently though, I've discovered another digitally cool way to pay those bills without having the need to fall in line for so long. The secret lies with!

What is

It's a digital wallet that you can use to pay for stuff like bills or load and buy digital currency such as Bitcoins. I've never tried to use it for the latter but it is already an amazing app that has helped me a lot!

What I use it for

Bill payments will help you pay over 80+ different types of bills. Personally, I use it to pay for cable, Internet + landline, my mobile plans, electricity and water all just by logging in on the app through my smartphone!

Buy prepaid load

I've long said goodbye to the prepaid life but I discovered there were still a number of people in our neighborhood, including my mom, who still needs load. With, I now have a way to supply them with load when they need it.

Check balance and buy Beep card load

There was a time when I was a frequent user of Beep card because I took the MRT to work and then the bus to McKinley which both required the use of Beep card. While I no longer have the need to use Beep as often, I still find myself from time to time using it like the time I had to go to a friend's house in Mandaluyong. Despite the long lines and the crowd, MRT was still my best bet in getting to her place the faster way compared to EDSA traffic.

Because it had been awhile since I last used Beep, I wasn't sure how much balance I had in it and if I needed to buy load for me to be able to use it. With, I was able to do both! I simply had to open my NFC, tap my Beep card at the back of my phone and I was able to see my balance. Turned out, I needed to load it up so I could use it so I selected load card, bought Php50 worth of load and I was ready to ride the MRT! Again, skipped the long lines!

What I love about

There are three things I love about using

1. So convenient to use

No more long lines. Check! Access it anytime, anywhere (you just need a strong Internet connection). Check! Even cashing in is so easy to do because there are plenty of ways you can do so like Touchpay, 7-11 and GCash are just some of them. Some of them have convenience fees though. If you're cashing in a high amount like Php1000 and above and want to avoid add on fees, cash in at Unionbank or UnionBank Online Banking as they offer 100% fee rebate. Luckily, there's a branch near our office.

2. So many uses

I love that there are a lot of things I can do with such as pay bills, load beep card and buy load. You can even pay Traveloka and Philippine Airlines through the app. For the gamers, you can also buy game credits through it like Steam Wallet, Garena Shells and Level Up!

3. Cashbacks

This is the number one reason I love using I get cashbacks for my transactions. For every bill I successfully pay, I get Php5.00 back and if I pay 4 unique (meaning I've not paid for it yet for that month) bills in a week, I get Php100 rebate. I also get Php10% back whenever I buy load - be it Smart or Globe. It's not a promo by the way! It's all year long that you can get these cash backs from

It's seriously an awesome mobile app and I'm glad I discovered it. Want to try it out for yourself? Download through Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Use my referral code: if2vrm so you and I can both get Php50 after you complete your account verification.

If you want to know more about it, you can visit their website.

Shop and Get Cashbacks with Shopback

Do you do online shopping? You probably do now, right? It is so convenient to buy items online! You can be at home or anywhere else and you can buy an item with the press of a button. With the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, online shopping has become a norm. Businesses who didn't have e-commerce had to adopt in order to reach more of their customers. In fact, the pandemic has driven growth in the e-commerce industry

Personally, I've been enjoying shopping for things online even before the pandemic when most of my friends were still iffy about the idea of buying things online. I would consider myself an early adopter of online shopping. The secret was to find trustworthy online vendors like Zalora, Shopee and Lazada which offer different payment options and have return and exchange policies. 

And because I loved online shopping, I found it very appealing to install an app called, Shopback. 

What is Shopback? 

It's an online site that "helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus cashback!" When you shop online through Shopback, you will receive a portion of the amount you purchased online back as cashback. Learn more about Shopback here

Scam or Legit?

Of course any app that promises I'd earn some cash from using it also makes me wary somewhat.  Was I actually going to get money from it? Well, I tried it because what had I got to lose? I was going to do some online transactions anyway.

After a year and two cashback withdrawals later and I am happy to report that yes, guys! It does work!

How I Used Shopback

This is the mobile app interface. Shopback has a website but I'm always on my phone anyway so I use the mobile app more. Since the lockdowns, I've seen more brands partnered with Shopback. 

Before the lockdown, I used to shop for clothes at Zalora, one of the many brand partners of Shopback. For my online transaction to be credited for some cashback, I simply had to open Shopback app first and from there, click on Zalora. I even used Lazada instead of going to a physical store before to purchase beauty products which I found was cheaper due to their bundled offers. When I had travels whether local or international, I'd book through Booking, Airbnb or Agoda and I would course it through Shopback for cashback. 

I found that some cashbacks took awhile before it got credited to my account like Agoda while some you'll get in a day like Grab (when it was a partner merchant).   

You can see the status of your cashback on the dashboard. As you'll see in the photo above, my available, pending and withdrawn balances are reflected so it's actually easy to keep track.


This was one my total earnings after using Shopback for sometime. You can withdraw your balance once it reaches P200 and you can get it via Paypal or bank deposit. I've been able to withdraw from Shopback multiple times already.  

I love using Shopback because I get some savings from my online shopping. It's extra money I can use for whatever!

Try it out for yourself!  Use my affiliate link to get Php100 cashback bonus for yourself. 


Does It Pay to Walk with Sweatcoin?

Note: this is an old post from another blog of mine from 2019. Transferring it here. 

My favorite workout in life is walking. I could walk for long periods of time. Those who know me in real life know this about me. I'd make you walk to get to a place if I could. I once did that even to my boss! LOL! 

Even when I was actively going to the gym, my favorite workout is still walking. And that’s how I discovered Sweatcoin. Just out of curiosity I searched it online one day – apps that pay you to walk – not expecting that there’s actually such a thing now! 

With a little more research online, you know to make sure it’s not some kind of scam or a virus – I downloaded Sweatcoin via Google Play and Apple Store and I’ve been using it for about a month now.

Now I’m doing more than just walking because I’ve actually managed to keep going to the gym but even until now, if you ask me what my favorite workout is, I’d say walking. And that’s how I discovered Sweatcoin. Just out of curiosity I searched it online one day – apps that pay you to walk – not expecting that there’s actually such a thing now! 

With a little more research online, you know to make sure it’s not some kind of scam or a virus – I downloaded Sweatcoin via Google Play. 

What is SweatCoin? 

SweatCoin is an app that will pay you to walk outdoors. It’s basically designed to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to get off the couch and move. For every 1,000 steps you take, the app will convert it and pay you a virtual currency that they call SweatCoin. The virtual currency can be used to redeem products such as gadgets (an iPhone XS or a Samsung TV) or if you’re feeling humanitarian, donation to various charities. If none of those appeal to you, you can also exchange your sweatcoins for USD$1000 cash.   

How Does It Work?

The app tracks your movement through GPS and it also needs to keep running in the background in order for it to be able to log your steps. It’s a free app and everyday you can earn up to 5 sweatcoins for a Mover membership. You can earn more from your steps by upgrading your membership which is also free. Okay not free but you won’t have to pay cash. You pay your monthly subscription via sweatcoins as well. 

Different Types of SweatCoin Monthly Subscription

Price: free
How much you can earn: Up to 5.00 sweatcoins (SWC) per day or up to 150.00 per month

Price: 4.75 SWC/month 
How much you can earn in a day: Up to 10.00 SWC per day or up to 300.00 SWC per month

Price: 20.00 SWC/month
How much you can earn in a day: 15.00 SWC per day or up to 450.00 SWC per month

Price: 30.00 SWC/month
How much you can earn in a day: 20.00 SWC per day or up to 600.00 SWC per month

The app also allows you to earn sweatcoins with its daily bonus which entails watching an ad or by inviting friends to also sign up. 

Daily you can track the number of steps you’ve taken and how much you’ve earned from it. Here’s a sample of my activity for the day.

It also emails you a weekly payslip to further keep track of your progress. The app tells you whether you’ve been more or less active that week. Here’s a sample of my weekly payslip.

Does it really pay?

Sweatcoins says it will soon be an acceptable form of payment. Intriguing. But I am doubtful of that. I’ve read a lot of articles that says it does. I tried to avail of wireless earphones from the app once though using my sweatcoins. I was redirected to for it. That’s where I realized it’s not completely free redemption. I still needed to pay for the product but at about half the price of what it’s actually worth plus shipping. It wasn’t a successful redemption since it also turns out that the company that carries the earphones doesn’t ship to the Philippines. 

If you’re looking for quick ways to earn money, this is not it. With a Mover membership that earns only 5.00 SWC a day, I know it’ll take me about a year or two at least to reach the 20,000 SWC required to redeem cash. I could upgrade to a Shaker membership but I don’t want to pay even if it’s just with sweatcoins since that’s still a loss income if ever. Plus I did give Shaker a try (there’s a month’s worth of free trial) when I once already exceeded the daily earning limit of 5.00 SWC. I realized it wasn’t worth keeping because I can only do so much walking on a work day which is five days a week! In fact when it’s a work day, I rarely make enough steps to reach 5.00 SWC. 

Should You Download?

If you're after the money, don't download this. It's only going to frustrate you. But if you want an app to motivate you to work more, then Sweatcoins may be worth the space on your phone. 

If you want to read more about SweatCoins, visit their official site

Updates as of March 2021

Sweatcoins can now track your steps indoors. Plus aside from the daily bonus, you can also get a daily 2x boost. For 20 minutes  everyday, you can double the amount of sweatcoins you earn from your steps.    

Snapcart: Snap your receipt and earn cash rewards

Ever since I made it a point to keep track of my spending, my wallet had always had a receipt or two in it so I could note down my expenses at the end of the day. Now, those receipts have another purpose before getting thrown out in the trash - I snap a photo of them for cash rewards. 

Allow me to introduce you to Snapcart! 

What Is It? 

It's a mobile app where you can snap receipts - any kind of receipt - and be rewarded with coins. The coins can in turn be used to earn cashbacks and vouchers. 

Photo credit: Tech.nh

How Does It Work?

It's simple really. When you have a receipt, just open the app and take a photo from there to upload it. You'll get your coins reward instantly which as mentioned can be turned into vouchers or cash. 

When you reach Php220.00, you can withdraw the money to your bank account. 

Snapcart has had some updates over the past years. Some good. Some enough to turn you off and uninstall the app altogether. You see, it used to be that once you snap a receipt, you're instantly rewarded cashback and the higher your level is, the bigger the amount you'll get. There used to be a bronze, silver, gold, platinum level. The more you snapped, the higher your level will be. Now, any receipt you snap, you'll get coins reward. 

This part is where you'll see your coin rewards. To get cash rewards, press Play Now to try your luck at Spin the Wheel. I say luck because it's not guaranteed that when you spin, you'll get cashback. You might earn coins at time.

Cashbacks are not really big. Just centavos! However, if you're lucky, you might win Php20. Sometimes you may be able to earn additional coin rewards if there are activities available like shoot, video or survey. Coins can be used to also avail coupons though I have not experienced this ever.   

Is it Worth It?

If you're after easy money, Snapcart is not for you. If you feel like the app is getting data from you and cents for return is too small, then this is not worth downloading. I personally know some friends whom I was able to convince to try out Snapcart before when it was still instantly rewarding users with cash and quit using the app when that changed. 

I'm still using the app though because honestly, I don't feel like I'm losing anything providing them my purchase behavior. I'm getting the receipts anyway. I'm just not too crazy about how hard it is these days to achieve Php220 specially since I'm not as out and about as I used to be considering there's a pandemic. 

So if you guys share the same mindset as I, then go on and download Snapcart on your smartphones and start snapping those receipts for rewards!  

Update as of March 2021

So unfortunately Snapcart raised the minimum cashout amount again! It's harder to cash out now. The minimum amount went from Php220 to Php2, 220! I think it's gonna take years to reach that amount now. Still, if you always have receipts lying around and you're not in a hurry, I suggest you just snap away anyway. I know I am. 

Buzz Break Review: News that Pays

Staying updated on news and current events is very important. You can make better and informed decisions when you are aware of what's happening around you. In this day and age of technology, we have more than one way to keep informed. While we can still get the news from newspapers, radio and TV, we can now also get it online! 

how to earn money from your smartphone
Photo credit: Buzz Break 

Personally, I get my news easily nowadays via my Facebook and Twitter feeds since I follow online publications but I recently found an app that not only allows me to read news but also earn cash from doing so. Introducing Buzz Break! 

Is Buzz Break a Scam or Legit?

Let's get right on it before I give you further low down on this app. After all, there's just so many apps that promise money. If you play games on your phone, you've probably encountered ads on such apps. I don't think those apps will really bring you easy money but Buzz Break? It is the real deal!

How to Earn Money from Buzz Break

Using the app doesn't instantly give you money. Rather, what the app does is have you earn points that can be converted to cash. 
how to make money online

Out of these, what I personally do is watch videos, read news and check in daily. I've tried to get friends to sign up and try Buzz Break but they're not really as willing to try money making apps like this as me so... The more of these you do, the easier you'll earn points.

How to Cash Out 

When I tried this app, I cashed out via GCash as soon as I reached 20,000 points which is equivalent to Php1.00. It was my way of checking whether or not the app was legit. I received the pay out after a few days and I have cashed out at least two more times since installing this app. 

You can get as much as Php1,000 from using Buzz Break. You just have to spend a lot of time browsing news and watching videos, that's the catch. Now if you have a lot of downtime to spare, you'll surely earn enough points to get that money in no time!